The Apollo Mission to Sirius

by Dj Surgeles

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The Apollo Mission to Sirius Introduction: It is the year 2179. The Apollo will make a trip to Sirius to investigate the star. The preparations lasted for more than five years. The technicians have done everything in their powers to make this trip a successful one. We have got the very best equipment on board and, like the Voyager satellite had in 1978, we have a pure gold disc with data, movies, music and images of Earth so we can, if we meet extraterrestrials, show them Earth. The take-off went as it should go. The rest of the trip also went well. Along the way we encountered several UFOs and more inexplicable occurrings like uncommon radiations and gasses. Once arrived the Apollo discovered signs of life which we will investigate further. Since the observations of Sirius by Friedrich Bessel in 1844, we have made a big step forward with this mission. We have measured wind speeds on one of Sirius's planets of nearly 4000 km per hour, the highest wind speed ever recorded. This mission has been really valuable for the collection of information on Sirius. 1: Preparation: The preparations for the Apollo Mission have taken a long time. During 63 months a team of experts has been working on it before the Apollo could take off to the unknown'. The Apollo is provided with high-tech cameras and other equipment so it can take images and recordings of objects it meets on its way. The Apollo will send this material to the flight control center on Earth so the team can follow its discoveries. The Apollo is able to fly 40,000 years without interruption. 2: The Start: The start, one of the most crucial phases of a space mission, has been successful. Although it was a thrilling moment the takeoff went well. The Apollo shot through the atmosphere of the earth and then entered a dark, sinister environment with sometimes UFO's passing by. It were inexplicable events which this mission hopes to unravel. We also hope to discover a form of alien life using the golden disc on which we collected greetings in all existing languages and video's, movies and images from Earth. We also have a machine that is able to translate unknown languages. We hope to meet an alien who will play this disc and maybe send us a message back. 3: The Journey. The journey into the unknown, which is planned to last for the coming 40,000 years, has started. We look back with joy to the good start and are now focusing on a long trip which hopefully will discover lots of yet unknown planets and other objects. It is fascinating how humanity's capacities have evolved. Because of our growing knowledge of the universe and our technological achievements we are now able to travel into the unknown'. Sometimes the team was utterly surprised by the fascinating objects we saw flying by from our flight control center. One of our goals on this trip was to explore Sirius. When we had finally reached the star, Apollo came in an environment where powerful winds made a great noise. We recorded this noise with our special recording machine that we also used to record other sounds from stars and other planets. At a distance of 8.7 Light Years from Earth the Apollo encountered a huge spaceship of unknown origin. An extraordinary experience for the research team! From this distance Earth looks like a tiny little star. It is beyond comprehension that our universe is filled with billions and billions of undiscovered stars and mysterious objects. It motivates scientists to continue developing new ways to make ever more exciting discoveries. 4: Arrival at Sirius. With only 1500 kilometers to go our adrenalin level started to rise. After all it was the very first time ever something from Earth went to Sirius. We heard some strange noises. It seemed to be a storm and we were hoping the Apollo would last in these bizarre conditions. A spectacular thing about Sirius is that it has enormous strong light radiation and the temperature is extremely high, about 9526.9C. Accidently we found the first planet around Sirius on the radar, it was a great breakthrough for our team. We named the new planet Xtronos. Xtronos was a unexpected discovery in this mission. We decided to try a landing on Xtronos for a further research. 5: Landing on Xtronos The Apollo landed at 09:09 GMT at June 18, 2184. It is dark and hot out there and the environment is characterized by supersonic winds. It was a bizarre environment. During one of the first tests the Apollo performed we measured quite high levels of helium and gasses at the surface of the planet. For a moment we had some troubles with the equipment because, as it turned out, there was a huge magnetic field present. Luckily we were well prepared so after a few days this problem was solved. Subsequent study of this field found out that Xtronos has got a magnetic field 3 times as strong as on Earth. At day 34 after the landing on Xtronos we heard a deafening supersonic blast and from out of nothing we saw a very large group of UFO's passing by. They were flying at a leisurely pace. The UFO's were flying organized in a row and it looked like they were traversing the universe with a clear purpose. It is a very big step forward that we have succeeded to explore this, till now, unknown planet. The mission to Sirius has lasted a total of 530 days. The strangest thing we saw during this trip was a small sign of life. It looked like a human body but smaller overall although the head was much bigger than a human head. It seemed like this creature has a much bigger brain than we have. We have been able to film the creature for just a few seconds but further investigation will show us what this could have been. 5: End This Apollo Mission has been very successful and we have learned a lot from it. Meanwhile the Apollo has taken off from Sirius's planet to continue its mission into the unknown' for the next 40,000 years. This mission showed us that the future will reveal to us many more secrets of the universe! We are looking forward to making more exciting discoveries!


released September 3, 2016



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